Psychometric tests

We are conducting numerous psychometric tests that are confirming our scientific approach of the Assessment. The tests can be also used during the personal introspection and vocational guidance research.

These are some of the tests that we are offering:

Personal Interests Inventory

The test analyses 12 centers of interests and places a profile in relation to the 80 groups of professions. It is a reference tool for the skill profile assessment.

  • Reference to latest professions
  •  General and combined profiles
  • Precise results with business classifications and professions.

For the students, job seekers, employees and HRs.

Help in vocational guidance, its reconsideration and career management.

Discover your future vocation!

As a university or a high school student, you may often find it difficult to discover which career path you should follow in future.

The vocational guidance test helps you to:

  • Get to know the reference points while analyzing your interests and aims
  • Discover between 11 university paths and 80 groups of professions, which are made for you
  • Determine your motivation and advantages in order to be able to take good decisions.

Personality Test

The test evaluates your personality and professional profile. It analyses 12 fundamental dimensions of personality, motivations and values in a quick manner.

  • Dynamic and global approach to the personality
  • Adaptation with 58 groups of professions
  • Control of the social desirability.

It analyses personality and determines the professional profile through a recruitment process, an internal or a skill profile assessment.

Reasoning Test

The test evaluates general capacity of reasoning. This test of intelligence is used while recruiting and during the entry exams to the higher university establishments (grandes écoles).

  • Evaluation of the general intelligence level
  •  Various and original questions
  •  Short version also available
  •  For HRs, employees, graduates, students
  • Evaluates general reasoning capacities in order to foresee the success in the professional environment.