This part-time course is offered for young people who are looking for knowledge and they have finished their compulsory school education. We have improved main fields of study useful for every student during their internships. The time schedule is of 3 days per week. This creates a good synergy between the ordinary classes and getting experience in companies, which is an excellent way to test one’s interests and to get useful references for future.

Main aims

  •  Teaching of French, Mathematics, German and English
  •  Development of the corporate culture (behavior, marketing basics, public relations)
  •  Preparation for qualifying examinations of the type Basic Check
  •  Optimization of the studying techniques
  •  Preparation of a complete dossier helping to decide on the higher studies
  •  Learning how to better understand one’s strong and weaker points, which are to be improved
  •  Determination of the professional path.


  • Skills report & analysis

    Elaboration of the theoretical and methodological skills report

    Personalized analysis of the profiles through approved scientific tests

  • Definition of the project

    Definition of the project and follow-up of aims with a personal coach

  • Monitoring of performances

    Monitoring of (theoretical and practical) performances with the software Brain Force One.


  • In class of a reduced intensity
  • 20 hours per week of French, Mathematics, German, English, Corporate culture courses
  • Additional E-Learning.


  •  CV and cover letters drafting
  • Presentation and communication skills in the corporate world
  • How to lead an effective telephone conversation
  • Simulations of job interviews
  • How to develop your professional network
  • Basics of marketing, Internet marketing and public relations.


  • Personalized follow-up
  • Developing network of companies
  • Experienced professors who listen to the specific needs
  • Being in charge of the project throughout the whole school year
  • Semi-monthly reports
  • Specific meetings with parents and education masters

Various information

Enrolment conditions:

Young adults close to the end of their compulsory school education

Beginning of the course:

After being back to school in August till the end of May

Price :

From 920.- CHF per month.

Place of education