Spelling certificate voltaire

These courses are for all people wishing to master their French spelling. The aim of this course is to certify the level of mastering the French language spelling difficulties in a reliable and objective way. The “Voltaire” certificate is to be recognized as an asset in your CV; it is a guarantee of your correct writing competences.


  • Spelling assesseent

    Spelling assessment on line via our website

  • Determination of aims

    Determination of grammatical and vocabulary aims

  • Strategy analysis

    Learning strategies analysis.


  •  Twice per week with a teacher (repetition of grammar and spelling bases)
  •  E-Learning base to work at home.

Nemeplus !

  • Individual objective approach thanks to our Brainforce One software
  • Neat and constructive working environment
  • Renowned certificate in business spheres.

Various information

Price :

From 135.- CHF per month.

8 monthly periods, E-Learning included

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