Vocational guidance

From the 8th year, students find sometimes difficulties in answering the main question: “Which career is the best for me?” It is not about a simple question, but about defining their own personalities, their choices and the decision concerning their future! This is a vision to achieve!

Method :

  • Personality profile and individual skills

    Types of suitable professions

    Balance between the competences and the types of professions

    Career possibilities, job marketplaces.

  • Basic Check Award

    Evaluation of the levels of theoretical skills

    Renowned by the corporate world.

  • Defining the coaching strategy

    Help in drafting CVs and cover letters

    Additional coaching for the job interviews

    Image and communication techniques management.

Our testss

  •  Personality
  • Vocational guidance
  •  Emotional intelligence (Q.E)
  •  Reasoning test (Q.I)

Nemeplus !

  •  Network of companies in constant progress
  •  Practical knowledge of work environment
  •  Consultants knowing the economic life
  •  Scientifically elaborated tests renown in Europe
  • Coaching adaptation to your specific needs.

Various information

Price :

From 25.- CHF per Test.

Private coaching: 72.- CHF per hour.

The flexible assistance focused on the person that favors taking actions!

Place of education