• 2003

    Nemesis education centre sarl

    Establishment of the Nemesis Education Centre SARL « Centre de education Nemesis Sarl » in Monthey, specialized in the field of teaching support on all levels and in the educational coaching.

  • 2004

    Swiss Maturity

    Creation of the platform « Swiss maturity », secondary II.

  • 2005

    Middle school

    Foundation of the department « Middle School », authorized by the City of Valais, secondary level I.

  • 2007

    Research centre

    Launching of the research center Nemesis and of the teaching project Hermès concerning the geopolitical understanding of the world’s economic changes and self-development.

  • 2011


    Development of the E-learning basic platform « Nemesis School ».

  • 2013

    Brain Force One

    Our Research center has created a unique software, Brain Force One, a teaching coaching tool with elaborated artificial intelligence.

  • 2014

    Nemesis Pro

    Opening of the Nemesis Pro, a unit specialized in the assessment of professional potential and in the education of adults. Launching of the 10th year class only for the future apprentices.