Skill profile assessment

During the recruitment process, one needs sometimes to go through “Assessment”. During this evaluation, it is important to determine the motivation of the candidate, their potential, and their technical, transversal as well as social and behavioral skills, etc.

Both the future employer and the candidate should therefore appreciate the advantages of the skill profile assessment. To know one’s inner motivation or to analyze the correlation between one’s profile and job offer strengthens the possibilities of success during the recruitment procedure.

Personality Test

Evaluates personalities and professional profiles. The test quickly analyses 12 principal dimensions of personality, motivation and values.

  • Dynamic and global approach to personality
  • Adaptation with 58 groups of professions
  • Control of the social desirability.

It analyses personality and determines the professional profile through a recruitment process, an internal or a skill profile assessment.


Evaluates the major personality tendencies in reference to the worldwide and renown psychological model of the Big Five and unveils the dominant ones through selection or internal evaluation.

  • Quick test
  •  Control of the social desirability.

For every profile and all levels of experience.

Emotional intelligence

Do you know how to read and understand your proper emotions in order to be more successful?

Your success depends today on your adaptability, your open-mindedness and your self-esteem, in other words, on your “Emotional Intelligence”.

The test helps you to:

  • Understand your emotions in order to master them better and to take advantage of them in a day-to-day life
  •  Recognize the emotions of others and positively adapt to the change
  • Develop your self-esteem, your charisma and your leadership skills.

Which type of businessman are you?

Have you decided to be your own boss? Do you have the necessary qualities and motivation that will guarantee the success of your project?

The test allows you to:

  •  Analyze your managerial, finances, marketing, communication skills and legal background
  • Identify your weakest points in order to improve them and double your chances of success
  • Get to know your business profile and compare you to the other profile types.

Personality and leadership evaluation

CTPI-R is a tool which helps to decide upon managers’ and executives’ personality traits, values and way of functioning. This tool measures 19 main traits and associates them with 21 behavioral skills that are the key ones in management.

  • Indication on the social desirability 
  • Styles of thinking and of working
  • Quick evaluation
  • Evaluation of 19 traits
  • Linking of the profile with 21 key skills.

For HRs, managers and executives.

Evaluates the personality and the behavioral skills of the managers in the process of recruitment, internal mobility, development of skills and facilitation of the decision-making.

The sharpness and the relevance of the dimensions made by the CTPI-R allow us to determine with precise adequacy your point of reference as to a given post or skills and, therefore, to make your decision easier