School education


These courses are made for all the students who want school assistance in one or several fields.



    We are constantly elaborating on the evaluation of problems we have encountered through the theoretical and methodological record.

  • Setting up the aims

    Then, we decide the aims to achieve.

  • Systematic follow-up

    We can systematically follow-up all activities through our software Brain Force One.

All this allows us to offer

  • Outstanding professional efficiency
  •  Fastest development of the studying methods
  •  Better self-understanding in the school environment

Courses (all levels)

  •  Assistance of the homeworks « Primary School »
  •  French, German, English, Italian, Spanish
  •  Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
  •  Essays, Work with the text in French
  •  Preparation for the official exams : Alliance française, Toefl, Cambridge, Goethe …
  •  Studying methodology

Tailored support

Collective support is made for already autonomous students who can ask questions concerning their school problems. They can therefore optimize their time spent with the support teacher and work out a truly good synergy with him or her. The support mainly aims at: filling out temporary gaps and maintain a good level throughout the school year.

Semi-private supports, which are generally made for two students of the same level aim at filling out the respective gaps while sharing their questions with the support teacher. This improvement allows them to have a strengthened motivation as the other problems are also dealt with, such as teaching methodology, studying techniques, exam management. The teacher can also prepare well-planned study sessions throughout the semester in order to achieve the aims quickly and more efficiently.

Private supports, which are preferred by the students who want to revise the whole subject with the support teacher. This solution is perfect for persons who seek a tailored support so as to compensate what they did not get to know at class. This requires an intensive participation and a personal engagement in the completion of the additional chapters.

In class, well-defined and planned interventions are set up for each type of the support, i.e. in the field of the development of the organizational skills or the studying methods. We focus on the stress management and self-confidence.

Nemeplus !

  •  E-Learning as a backup of the ordinary classes
  •  Flexibility of teaching, groups, semi-private, private
  •  Support courses adapted to the personal needs
  •  Additional chapters to improve practical learning
  • Follow-up through the unique software Brain Force One which intensifies the cooperation of the support teacher and to ensure the progress of the student.

Various information

Price :

From 15.- CHF per course.

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