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Middle school and Maturity

Diplomas of the completion of compulsory school education and the Swiss Maturity, the two necessary keys to the success!

Cycle 7-9 Maturity

School education

Tailored coaching for an optimal school performance or a 10th year of school! Everything is possible!

Support Pre-learning

Nemesis Pro

Evaluation of competences? Improving your level of language? Enhancing your potential? Preparing an assessment?

Vocation Evaluation

Our school, our mission ! 
« One student, one project ! ».

With this device we lead every day our students towards success!

The success does not only is made of knowing how to recreate, but of building the character in order to show their originality through:

  1. Listening, harmony, flourishing of our students!
  2. Tailoring to give real pleasure to students!
  3. Efficient analysis for the optimization of performances
  4. Leading a transparent teaching project!

From our setting up in 2002, we have assisted couple of hundred of students, who have obtained their renowned diploma of the completion of compulsory education or their certificate of Swiss Maturity.

Our method can be defined by an extremely high successful rate.

Our Charter

Our philosophy? A scientific approach based on listening of the true and unique needs of every student, which goes beyond mere appearances.

The most crucial issue is to offer constant listening to the student and a comprehensive diagnostic, which includes elaboration of various points of view according to the specific needs of an individual. We should be strict in the analysis of these needs! We should offer adapted and innovative solutions to students. We should focus on our main concerns in order to lead them through a successful and autonomous path according to one main principle: one student, one project!

Our Philosophy

Our classes are backed up by personalized coaching. This is visible throughout the whole school year which allows you to achieve the aims set before in the analysis of the individual needs. We have developed the innovative teaching methods that are inspired by the latest discoveries in the area of neuroscience.

Our Research center is working on a daily basis to discover the tools which would enable us to improve teaching. This scientific approach is reflected in the books we are writing, in the successful e-learning techniques we are creating and the IT software for E-Learning or the Smartphone and Tablet Applications we are producing.New technologies contain the « intelligent » algorithms and are follow performance in class by professors.

Our assets

In order to follow our main philosophy focused on the rule „One student, One project”, we get to know each students’ specific needs already during the first interview and we define the primary aims of their future education.

Then, we evaluate the knowledge acquired through a number of scientific checks in the theoretical way and though e-learning systemic dimension. Therefore, we set up a teaching strategy that will guide the students during their educational path.

Our method

Why nemesis school?

We are making everything possible in order to assist our students in:

  • Educational and professional success
  • Understanding of the social and economic structures of our world and lifelong cross-learning
  • Development of critical spirit making them reflexive citizens
  • Optimization of their analytical and synthesis skills
  • Mastering of studying methods leading them to the peak of the intellectual performance
  • Enrichment of their speaking and writing skills
  • Development of their individual skills